Sysfilter for Indesign

Sysfilter for Indesign 3.0

Sysfilter for InDesign automatic transfers text into XML and MS Word
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3.0.4 (See all)
ECM engineering

Sysfilter for InDesign® enables you to transfer texts from your InDesign files to a word processor of your choice or into XML. After the translation you can use the filter to automatically reinsert the texts into the original document.
Automatic transfer of text into XML, to MS Word and other word processors
Different formats for text transfer:
a) MS Word (*.rtf) / Translation-compatible format:
The translator can focus on the translation quality and need not interrupt the workflow to place the tags. The motto of this approach: "What you see is what you get". For example: Tables of the indd file are displayed as tables in the RTF file as well.
b) XML or Tagged Text Format:
The layout information will be preserved almost completely during the import process. If you choose this method the post-layout work will be reduced to a minimum.

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